Lossless sound 8:58 (Paul Hartnoll, Orbital) – 8:58 [Deluxe Edition] (2CD) (2015) FLAC (tracks+.cue) music download

8:58 (Paul Hartnoll, Orbital) – 8:58 [Deluxe Edition] (2CD) (2015)
FLAC (tracks+.cue) | Tracks: 19 | Playtime: 00:48:58+00:53:19 | Size: 632.5 MB
Genre: Downtempo, Electronic, Techno, Ambient | Label: ACP Recordings | Cat#: ACPCD1502

8:58 is the newly christened reputation for the part scheme of ORBITAL’s Paul Hartnoll. There are explicit twines running finished this record which inevitably hear tail to ORBITAL, the sequential subject of the denomination slot plus ‘The Cuckoo’ repeal the ‘Planet of Appearances’ from ‘The Dark Anthology’ which featured the “Even a stopped date recounts the prerogative epoch twice a date” test from ‘Withnail further I’.

The record opener furthermore appellation rut physiognomys ‘Star Trip Against Night’ besides ‘Peaky Blindfolds’ luminary Cillian Murphy intoning about how everywhere our dwells, we are grinds to the unstoppable ticking of time further the chronometer. Murphy linked up concomitant Hartnoll during the final was commissioned to fabricate the soundtrack for the BBC Gangland-based TV series alongside beside PJ Harvey further the fabulous Flow (who wields mixing duties here besides). Murphy too occurs in the accompanying promo movie which landmarks a ‘Mr. Benn’ merchant-way cameo from Paul Hartnoll himself.

01. 8:58 (Featuring Cillian Murphy) 6:05
02. Please (Featuring Robert Smith & Lianne Hall) 6:35
03. The Past Now (Featuring Lisa Knapp) 6:36
04. Villain (Featuring Ed Harcourt) 3:51
05. The Clock (Featuring Cillian Murphy) 3:09
06. A Forest (Featuring The Unthanks) 5:43
07. Broken Up 4:21
08. Nearly There 5:02
09. Cemetery (Featuring Fable) 7:37

01. 8:58 (Instrumental) 6:27
02. Please (Instrumental) 4:58
03. The Past Now (Instrumental) 6:35
04. Villain (Instrumental) 3:50
05. The Clock (Instrumental) 3:05
06. A Forest (Instrumental) 5:33
07. Broken Up 4:20
08. Nearly There 5:01
09. Cemetary (Instrumental) 7:36
10. Risky 5:52

Lossless music 8:58 (Paul Hartnoll, Orbital) – 8:58 [Deluxe Edition] (2CD) (2015) FLAC (tracks+.cue) download flac

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