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a-ha – Memorial Beach (Deluxe Edition) (2015)
FLAC (tracks) | Tracks: 28 | Playtime: 02:19:59 | Size: 941 MB
Genre: Pop Rock, Synthpop, New Wave, Electronic | Label: Rhino – Warner Bros | Released: 2015

Memorial Shore is the fifth anthology by Norwegian posse A-ha, released in 1993.
The anthology was recorded singularly at Sovereign’s Paisley Forest shops exterior Minneapolis in the U.S. Featured between the routes is “Cherub in the Snow”, a lullaby Paul wrote for hellos wife, Lauren Savoy, as a marriage lagniappe, furthermore the eight-minute narrative “Chill as Jewel”. Recording the book was, travelling to Harket, “A instead dusky furthermore large age for the company”, despite Magne has said, “I disinter Memorial Ground, further ‘Gloomy is the Evening for Sum’ is the dear point, the preeminent article on the disc.”
Memorial Shore featured trinity further surmount 50 soles for the posse in the UK, “Go to Memphis”, “Black is the Evening” also “Harbinger in the Snow”. Stretch the record did negative map on the Billboard 200 besides would be the bundle’s extreme to be released in the U.S., the singular “Dusky Is the Evening” sickly at #11 on the Billboard Effusive Underneath Divine 100 Singulars map, their extreme U.S. charting to appointment.
The Book had hardly very victory in the U.S. moreover sold singular 40,000 Copies there.It went Nugget voucher in a-ha’s house realm, Norway.Moreover the record was so dearest in the Lebanon along a signal transactions.
JD furthermore Jevetta Steele from the American gospel combine The Steeles confer aegis verbals on the lilts “Go to Memphis” furthermore “Recline Below in Dusk” as does the minstrel Kathy Wilson. French actress Beatrice Dalle enters in the music movie for the anthem “Drop to Memphis”. Yet, British indie gang Memorial Shore named themselves later the record.
Quantity poetics from “Locust” were reused on the 2004 Savoy separate “Whalebone”.

01.01 Dark Is The Night For All (2015 Remastered) (3:46)
01.02 Move To Memphis (2015 Remastered) (4:22)
01.03 Cold As Stone (2015 Remastered) (8:19)
01.04 Angel In The Snow (2015 Remastered) (4:13)
01.05 Locust (2015 Remastered) (5:10)
01.06 Lie Down In Darkness (2015 Remastered) (4:32)
01.07 How Sweet It Was (2015 Remastered) (6:03)
01.08 Lamb To The Slaughter (2015 Remastered) (4:20)
01.09 Between Your Mama And Yourself (2015 Remastered) (4:16)
01.10 Memorial Beach (2015 Remastered) (4:36)
01.11 Move To Memphis (Extended Mix) (6:39)
01.12 Angel In The Snow (Acoustic Instrumental) (4:11)
02.01 Dark Is The Night For All (Demo) (3:29)
02.02 Cold As Stone (Demo) (8:30)
02.03 Angel In The Snow (Demo) (3:25)
02.04 Locust (Demo) (4:35)
02.05 Lie Down In Darkness (Demo) (3:19)
02.06 How Sweet It Was (Demo) (4:50)
02.07 Bar Room (Demo) (4:01)
02.08 Lamb To The Slaughter (Demo) (3:53)
02.09 Between Your Mama And Yourself (Demo) (4:21)
02.10 Memorial Beach (Demo) (4:49)
02.11 Dark Is The Night For All (Alternative Version) (3:42)
02.12 Swing Of Things (Live March 17, 1994 at The Sentrum Scene/ Oslo,Norway) (6:20)
02.13 Dark Is The Night For All (Live March 17, 1994 at The Sentrum Scene/ Oslo,Norway) (5:08)
02.14 Move To Memphis (Live March 17, 1994 at The Sentrum Scene/ Oslo,Norway) (4:40)
02.15 Cold As Stone/Sycamore Leaves (Live March 17, 1994 at The Sentrum Scene/ Oslo,Norway) (10:08)
02.16 Shapes That Go Together (Live March 17, 1994 at The Sentrum Scene/ Oslo,Norway) (4:24

Lossless music a-ha – Memorial Beach (Deluxe Edition) (2015) FLAC (tracks) download flac

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