Lossless sound Bad Boys Blue – 30 The New Best Of Album (2015) FLAC (image+.cue) music download

Bad Boys Blue – 30 The New Best Of Album (2015)
FLAC (image+.cue) | Tracks: 30 | Playtime: 00:57:13+00:70:02 | Size: 1.21 GB
Genre: Disco, Euro-Disco, Dance, Pop | Label: Coconut | Released: 2015

Just on the outing of the 30th celebration of BANEFUL GUYS DEJECTED happens a pristine Surpass of (Reloaded) record beside a unaccustomed euphony. “30” is a wide overview of a really fantastic process of the sect (including 4 additional further 4 so deep unreleased routes, plus remixes besides pristine placements wearing the primordial 24-road ribbons), which devise suit an embroider to some CD-olio. On the initial disc – anew to stir 11 conk separates (including You’re A Chick, Charming Weak Chick, Happen Astern Besides Visit, Dame In Dark, How I Want You …) plus trinity «New Bludgeon – mingle”, which was might proffer a fresh noteworthy melodies Naughty Guys Melancholy in the contemporary solid – sum atop anew mastered financial to the current technical marks. In appendage to the recent disk is introduce celebration megamix «Anniversary Megamix 2015″. On the double disc, between additional punchs, sum addicts of the lot is waiting for a exceptional storm: the earlier unreleased remixes besides exclusive archival stuff, including the psalm «Heartbeat» (the really initial coalesce «I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat») on the fruitful output club Tony Hendrik yet Karin Hartmann ( A La Carte, Wolfgang Bacchanal, Chyp-Notic, Haddaway, The Soultans), from whom afterwards derelict. More stress of the librarys Coconut – «Where Are You Now» by Trevor Taylor (afterwards Happen Backward Also Support), plus as a extra bonus – has lengthy been considered extinct influential circuit «Jungle In My Heart». “30” – a invincible determined of music’s greatest smashs in a fresh strong. It also incorporates a 12-usher pamphlet accompanying awesome unreleased pictures of soccer addicts. Total of this is packaged in Excellent Prize Package, which pleasure satisfy nay singular the obedient addicts of EVIL DUDES DEPRESSED

01. You’re A Woman (Reloaded)… 3’06
02. Pretty Young Girl (Reloaded)… 4’40
03. Hot Girls – Bad Boys (Reloaded)… 4’22
04. Kisses And Tears (My One And Only) (Reloaded)… 4’00
05. I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat (Sunday Girl) (Reloaded)… 4’23
06. Mon Amie (New Hit Version)… 5’54
07. Kiss You All Over, Baby (Reloaded)… 4 06
08. Come Back And Stay (Reloaded) … 4’22
09. Why (Misty Eyes) (New Hit Version) … 5’12
10. A World Without You (Michelle) (Reloaded)… 319
11. Lady In Black (Reloaded) … 3’48
12. Show Me The Way (New Hit Version) … 4’30
13. A Train To Nowhere (Completely Remixed) … 4’33
14. How I Need You (Reloaded)… 3’42
15. 30th Anniversary Megamix … 8’10

01. Queen Of Hearts (Reloaded) …4’29
02. Jungle In My Heart (Reloaded)… 3’27
03. Baby Blue (New Hit Version)… 3’49
04. The Woman I Love (New Hit Version)… 3’38
05. Aquarda Tu Amor (Spanish Extended Remix ’99 of Save Your Love) (Unreleased Before)… 5’06
06.1 Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat (Sunday Girl)
(The Original 1st Recording Session) (Unreleased Before)… 3’58
07. Where Are You Now (The Original 1st Recording Session)
(“Come Back And Stay” Later) (Unreleased Before)… 5’51
08. Jungle In My Heart (Original Instrumental Version) (Unreleased Before)… 3’58
09. Back To The Future (Level 2 Remix) (Unreleased Before)… 5’18
10. Never Never (Bonus Track)… 3’54
11. Out Of The Blue (Bonus Track)… 4’04
12. Have You Ever Had A Love Like This (A Mix Like This)… 6’53
13. You’re A Woman (Alternative Mix)… 3’47
14. I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat (Sunday Girl) (Electro Mix ’98) (Unreleased Before)… 4’06
15. Jingle (Promotional Advertisement with Trevor, Andrew & John) (Unreleased Before)… 7’36

Lossless music Bad Boys Blue – 30 The New Best Of Album (2015) FLAC (image+.cue) download flac

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