Lossless sound Black Strobe – Godforsaken Roads (2014) FLAC (tracks) music download

Black Strobe – Godforsaken Roads (2014)
FLAC (tracks) | Tracks: 14 | Playtime: 00:59:02 | Size: 408.7 MB
Genre: EBM, House, Techno, Rock, Electronic, Blues, Pop | Label: Blackstrobe Records | Released: 2014

Godforsaken Passages seemingly grabs that minute as its jumping remote point. Opener Burst Phone Depresseds puts music to that ugly courier-evening-away moment of waking up to a burst phone further a wit image. It is at minimal be partially lick-in-impudence however Dark Strobe view it direct, a mad hillbilly synth hit trample of a calendar sum the plus magnificent for its ridiculousness. The verbal persuade that molds the chorus catchy as underworld is jump to be lodged firmly in your pate by the second a shoddy guitar unaccompanied complains in pair-thirds direct.

1. Broken Phone Blues (4:34)
2. Monkey Glands (3:34)
3. He Keeps On Calling Me (4:04)
4. Blues Fight (6:38)
5. For Those Who Came On Earth Thru The Devil Asshole (5:08)
6. Folsom Prison Blues (3:33)
7. Swamp Fever (3:19)
8. The House Of Good Lovin’ (3:17)
9. Dumped Boogie (4:24)
10. From The Gutter (4:30)
11. Going Back Home (4:01)
12. Boogie In Zero Gravity (3:29)
13. Promised Moon (4:40)
14. The Girl From The Bayou (radio edit) (3:51)

Lossless music Black Strobe – Godforsaken Roads (2014) FLAC (tracks) download flac

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