Lossless sound Blank & Jones – Chilltronica №5 (2015) FLAC (tracks) music download

Blank & Jones – Chilltronica №5 (2015)
FLAC (tracks) | Tracks: 14 | Playtime: 01:15:44 | Size: 361.8 MB
Genre: Electronic | Label: Soundcolours | Released: 2015

Piet Wit plus Jaspa Jones are a yield besides DJ duet who played a critical function in the tardy-’90s commercialization of spell, although they went on to be famous as plenty for their remixes furthermore choosy downtempo palpable. They crossed ways at a Popkomm traffic display moreover debuted years after, in 1997, among “Dawn.” The tantamount year, underneath unit of their aliases, Da Fiasco, they yet carried external their initial eminent-side remix per Moby’s “re-translation” of “James Knot Composition.” In 1999, the twosome made mercenary further overseas discoverys accompanying the better emphatic however conscientious as melodious “Best,” a tally 24 U.K. shoot jab designed beside desire-expression collaborator Freaky Kaufhold. The very year brought In da Blend, their initial anthology, a continuous rigid of their admit slots. Over the 2000s also the initial moiety of the 2010s, Wit & Jones 12″ emancipates, shop records, DJ mixes, besides else schemes — ranging from defeat-fillers to house-listening cliques — blank abroad at a dizzying charge. Birth in 2007, the bulk of their output was released per Soundcolours, the tag stamped on various-quantity series such as Mitigate, Milchbar, besides so80s (SoEighties), as well as on unattacheds moreover anthologys from singers besides contemporaries want Sandra, Medina, furthermore Imprint Reeder. ~ Freaky Kellman

01. Blank & Jones – Interstellar (Marc-George Infinite Reprise Mix) [4:37]
02. Troels Hammer – Azur [1:59]
03. Marc-George – World of Life [5:18]
04. Blank & Jones – White Light [7:32]
05. I Will, I Swear & Illuminine – Armor [4:48]
06. Troels Hammer – Trans/ For/ Mation [7:26]
07. Blank & Jones – Above Earth [6:08]
08. Blank & Jones – Interstellar (Marc-George Space Remix) [7:17]
09. I Will, I Swear – Long Days [3:22]
10. Antonymes – Elegy (IV) [4:25]
11. Blank & Jones – WYB (Chilltronica) [6:21]
12. Blank & Jones – Skyfall [4:00]
13. Chromatics – Lady (Drumless) [5:08]
14. Visage – Fade to Grey (Cinematic Mix) [7:24]

Lossless music Blank & Jones – Chilltronica №5 (2015) FLAC (tracks) download flac

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