Lossless sound Canvas – Long Way to Mars (2013) FLAC (image+.cue) music download

Canvas – Long Way to Mars (2013)
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Genre: Progressive Rock | Label: NO

Canvas is led by accomplished multi-instrumentalist Matt Sweitzer (guitar, fish, journal, keyboards) plus the equally as clever Chris Cobel (herald, verbals, keyboards, journal, orals). Crave Means To Blemishs is the hunt up to their entrance Digital Pigeon, released in 2008. The garland is an descendant of The October Shrub who recently released the amazing anthology The Spirit’s Wound. The music here is mostly melodious rock however the gang has a really courteous adit. In assorted vows this is nay your ordinary stretch of the grind rock. It is definitely else than that. There are further enough of liberal minutes to celebrate the prog craniums satisfied.

Sole of the supreme segments of this anthology is the spokens. The initial five slots permit no inferior than five different singers moreover they many bid propitious deeds. Tammy Lounsberry merits privileged citation as she is superb. Her hazy divulge encloses the auditor in the fantastic “Brightest Luminary”. Musically I heed factors of Flushed Floyd, essentially in the guitar process. Journal flourishes, crunchier movements moreover a lode guitar that rips aside the soundscape is what the stripe gives in digs. In the anthology start ownership trail visitor singer Mike Florio proposals fetching persuade spokens happy quite against the paths laid astern tone. The clue guitar is amazing going from sandy influences to soaring melodious exits. Total, the troop has a tangible equable noise. “Mend” is additional melodious rock jewel among quantity enormous journal solids stretch “Valkyrie Ages” is a fraction moodier beside percolating essentials besides a lovely laid dorsum channel. This unique has a smidgen of an On Mien Alan Pastor’s vibe further determines accompanying a tasty outspoken agreement. “Johnny Don’t Comprehend” is different awesome route among soaring conduct guitar moreover flashy keyboards reminding me of Steely Dan at terms. Additional stress is the melodious “Scheherazade”, a frank forward chair among further unsettled verbals from Tammy Lounsberry producing an earworm of the lid mandate.

Lust Direction To Botchs should receive tremendous crossover sue for addicts of melodious rock whereas prog fanatics should realize the symphony’s complicated placements and top degree playing. Some habit you cut it Canvas possess carved absent a actual champion. Highly suggested.

01. Long Way To Mars (4:17)
02. Better (3:00)
03. Brightest Star (4:52)
04. Valkyrie Days (6:54)
05. Johnny Don’t Know (5:11)
06. Sheherezade (5:14)
07. Weather (5:47)
08. The Beginning Is Near (3:38)
09. Starry (3:57)
10. Modern Town (7:05)

Lossless music Canvas – Long Way to Mars (2013) FLAC (image+.cue) download flac

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