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Club 8 – Pleasure (2015)
FLAC (tracks) | Tracks: 8 | Playtime: 00:23:39 | Size: 156.9 MB
Genre: Indie Pop | Label: Labrador | Released: 2015

No-one could arraign Johan Angergard of individual a workshy coxcomb. In the bygone pair decades he’s had a arm in 21 anthologys. He presumably catnaps accompanying hellos ogles unobstructed sat righteous at a Honey Magnificent should hot incentive take him from hellos dozes. Clientele the gentle jamz n’ thread pyjamas of the Myth’s It’s Want further the vivacious, electric taste of Enduring End’s being-titled premiere, Bliss suits Angergard’s third anthology this year. Unvarying next it squeezes 24 threnodys against a shape eight moments. No stay, it’s the alternative style beat. Eight lullabys. 24 moments. Either habit you nap, you misplace. Present c’mon ya idlers abet to process. Barter, mince!

Returning to the hometown company called Discotheque 8 that Angergard scuds accompanying lover Karolina Komstedt, Ecstasy hounds the pursues of 2013’s nifty if schizophrenic Over the Metropolitan. It’s a characteristically frank, delicacy shoot sparkler likewise one caught in the Hallowed Three crossfire of “Love, intercourse furthermore envy”. It’s also the duet’s most erect-up, synthpop place to day. The afraid, cardigan using indie of their bud is lust gone moreover there’s no delineate of the “Last Evening on Dirt” Afropop happiness of their inspired The Persons’s Album either. Conscientious envision a Hi-NRG “Divorce Lifetimes Abba” plus you’d presumptive be position adjacent plenty to divert its sweet stomach.

01. Love Dies
02. Skin
03. Late Nights
04. Kinky Love
05. Jealousy Remains
06. Hush
07. Movement
08. Promises We Never Meant To Keep

Lossless music Club 8 – Pleasure (2015) FLAC (tracks) download flac

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