Lossless sound Denshi-Danshi – Fluid Dynamics (Suntrip Records) (2015) FLAC (tracks) music download

Denshi-Danshi – Fluid Dynamics (Suntrip Records) (2015)
FLAC (tracks) | Tracks: 13 | Playtime: 01:35:05 | Size: 706.9 MB
Genre: Goa Trance | Label: Suntrip Label | Released: 2015

Mystic Noise Files is pleasing to introduce the beginning integral-distance book of a gifted Russian producer from Tolyatti, Anton Stepanov, Airform Thrifty Area. The plan is inspired by such harmonious producers as Koan, Chamber, Aes Dana, CBL, E-Mantra, besides started its tale in 2007. Thriving Sector is a particular arrange designed by the performer. Carefully crafted melodies, flabby pounds plus enveloping nimbuss imperceptibly boost you towering over the mists driving your memory to a blooming field minus worries besides prospects. Stylistically the music of the record is designed in the topnotch legends of contemporary Psybient. Be prompt to be carried abroad in your aspirations listening to Airform Thriving Area.

01. Denshi-Danshi – The Dancing Shiva (06:44)
02. Denshi-Danshi – Mariposa (Live Remix) (07:57)
03. Denshi-Danshi – Fluid Dynamics (08:01)
04. Denshi-Danshi – Feed The Mugwumps (07:06)
05. Denshi-Danshi – Vanaspati (06:12)
06. Denshi-Danshi – Make Make (06:43)
07. Denshi-Danshi – A Fast Trip Straight Down The Ladder (07:51)
08. Denshi-Danshi – Mars Base Alpha (07:01)
09. Denshi-Danshi – Tsuki (07:04)
10. Denshi-Danshi – Maelstrom (08:56)
11. Denshi-Danshi – Kraft Karamel (06:18)
12. Denshi-Danshi – Temple of Heaven (Bonus) (07:09)
13. Denshi-Danshi – Cow’s Blues (Live Remix) (Bonus) (08:09)

Lossless music Denshi-Danshi – Fluid Dynamics (Suntrip Records) (2015) FLAC (tracks) download flac

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