Lossless sound Elffor – Buruzagi ilunaren bilduma (2CD) (2015) FLAC (image+.cue) music download

Elffor – Buruzagi ilunaren bilduma (2CD) (2015)
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Genre: Symphonic Black Metal, Ambient | Label: NO

New to me, Elffor is the long running side project of a Spaniard by the name of Eöl, who also plays keyboardist in Numen and Suffering Dawn. He has been releasing albums since 1998, and this expansive 2 disc compilation from South Korea’s Fallen Angels Productions covers all 6 albums and throws in a couple of new/unreleased tracks to boot.

So what style is Elffor might you ask? Well, to put in bluntly they were/are a cheap Summoning knock off; Tinny guitars, lots of medieval ish synths and some pained rasps. Not a top notch Summoning mind you like Caladan Brood, but certainly an OK and if anything, productive one. And fans of Summoning could do worse than the 2 hours of like minded music found on this album.

From what I gather, the project started as more of an ambient dungeon music act more akin to Mortiis, and the first track, “The Threshold of the Unknown Kingdom” taken from the 1998 debut Into the Dark Forest… cements that with a pure, ambient keyboard track. However, the second track “Hidden in the Nebular Landscapes” from Eöl’ second 2002 effort, Sons of Shades adds a drum machine, some guitar and blackened shrieks, and the Summoning sound appears to be fully in place. There is then a bit of a jump as the next track “Zhenon basotik haratago” is from Elffor’s most recent 2012 album Heriotz sustraiak, and at 14 minutes it shows a more developed balanced sound more focused on tremolo picked guitars, even though the heavily ambient synth backdrops is still present. It’s not going to be mistaken for any form of top notch black metal, but it certainly has some symphonic allure in its atmospherics.

Disc 1
01. The Threshold of the Unknown Kingdom 04:45
02. Hidden in the Nebular Landscapes 05:58
03. Zhenon basotik haratago 14:10
04. Endless Dark Flames 09:15
05. Frostbitten Forest 13:22
06. Misterious Dawn 09:27
07. Ancient Rebirth 05:15

Disc 2
01. Kateek loturik… 14:10
02. Chaos Reigns… 05:47
03. Hondamena 09:25
04. Farryanth 08:44
05. Desphas 10:58
06. Gaua 14:54

Lossless music Elffor – Buruzagi ilunaren bilduma (2CD) (2015) FLAC (image+.cue) download flac

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