Lossless sound Emilia Martensson (Emilia Martensson) – Ana (2014) FLAC (tracks+.cue) music download

Emilia Martensson (Emilia Martensson) – Ana (2014)
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Genre: Vocal Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Folk | Label: Babel Label | Released: 2014

Above the hindmost decade, Emilia Ma?rtensson has built a well- appropriate stature as single of the most provocative weak musicians on the UK ragtime location. However you accustomed discover her merely churning absent threadbare ragtime examples. Her lightly demonstrative tenor plus highly confidential constitutions are firmly rooted in the tradition furthermore the countryside of her natural southern Sweden, adding to the mystique moreover persuade of a strange further really indigenous master.
As a kid, Ma?rtensson immersed herself in the recordings of jive awesomes such as Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Villa moreover Anita O’Day. At the equal clock, she moreover a crew of provincial dudes were playing dwell ragtime in her forebears’ tavern, which Emilia would afterwards alter against person of the most prosperous jive youngsters in southern Sweden.
However, for sum her ragtime atmosphere, Swedish kindred lilt was always wide in Emilia’s pith. You can listen it clearly, carved like an antediluvian rune, in the haunting furthermore delicate tempers of her divulge, in the gloomy sorrowful of her storytelling also in the confidential, night calm of her everlasting confessionals. Agnate along the ragtime troubadour’s uneducated feel of timing furthermore sign, it’s sufficient to prepare Ma?rtensson a truly extraordinary proclaim undoubtedly.
Ma?rtensson’s aide anthology, Ana – named afterwards her Slovenian grandmother – is where she hauls composed total the numerous diverse twines that permit illuminated her finesse.
Here, Ma?rtensson renews her attraction among interpreting the arias of differents, bringing her admit unique sight to dramas by Jamie Doe, Barnaby Keane moreover Emine Pirhasan. She also spends obeisance to her fantastic love for 70s shoot tenor-songwriters like Joni Mitchell furthermore James Taylor, beside a deceitful furthermore sighing grab on Paul Simon’s “Everything Put Composed Descents Individually.” It’s a rank stunt enhanced by a wealthy acoustic context, furthermore captured in rich analogue specify by producers Rory Simmons also Alex Bonney at London’s Bass Establishment Recording Workshops.
Here, additionally, you can hark the profession of Ma?rtensson’s Swedish substance. “Na?r Som Jag Pa? Mitt Adertonde A?’’ (“When I Was In My Eighteenth Year”) is a conventional Swedish kindred refrain, which Ma?rtensson defines as “a inky chorus, this undivided, a suicide missive from a weak woman to her origins” – leant an hardly unbearably affecting pressure by its thin furthermore frigid agreement.
A swirling, romantic translation of saxophonist Joe Henderson’s lilt “Black Narcissus,” among creative poetics, is where total these forces befall composed. “I fell in love accompanying these melodies that are completely black further simple to descant, for type “Black Narcissus,” dictates Ma?rtensson. “It’s negative a kindred air, however it does hold that amiable of melancholic vibe to it plus a very folky constitution to the melody border. I valid explore myself lacking to hum these melodies.”

01. Harvest Moon (04:42)
02. Ana (04:47)
03. Learnt from Love (05:46)
04. Tomorrow Can Wait (06:21)
05. Nar Som Jag Var Pa Mitt (03:01)
06. Black Narcisuss Music (04:34)
07. Everything Put Together Falls Apart (04:06)
08. Ana Reprise (01:11)
09. Moffi’s Song (05:01)
10. Vackra Manniska (01:08)

Lossless music Emilia Martensson (Emilia Martensson) – Ana (2014) FLAC (tracks+.cue) download flac

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