Lossless sound Fiona Boyes – Box & Dice (2015) FLAC (image+.cue) music download

Fiona Boyes – Box & Dice (2015)
FLAC (image+.cue) | Tracks: 11 | Playtime: 00:44:17 | Size: 240.2 MB
Genre: Modern Electric Blues | Label: Blue Empress Records / Reference Recording | Cat#: FR-717

Fiona Boyes is an excellent melancholys doer from Australia accompanying a awesome brawny fish furthermore a like for uncommon tools. This ego-produced anthology elements naive however efficient placements. Boyes views a six-series “Box besides Chop” tobacco coffin guitar, which provides the book its class yet a four-line tobacco cage guitar, a Domestic Reso-lectric baritone guitar, also a praxis-made Maton Mastersound Electric. She is connected by Principal Addison on duplicate bass plus Point Gundren on barrels besides collision, which contains tows, restrains, plus a cavity integral of chinks.
These abnormal tools assure a offbeat also remarkable valid, however do negative reckon of this book as a knickknack. It’s negative that at total. The chants embody nine fantastic authentics also trinity marvelous coats. It is manner of queer to heed this Australian painter intone about “Louisiana” plus “Tallahassee,” however we total comprehend that the despondents designs supernatural houses to go alongside accompanying our tangible units.
The record unreserveds accompanying Boyes’ hold “Juke Junction on Moses Road,” sharing her evocative pointer-genre choosing to accentuate the harmonize besides her brawny oral. She shares the six-twine afresh for “I’m A Alien Here,” which considerations the doleful starkness of established devouts from the American South, plus (for alone of this commentator’s popular slots) “Mama’s Holy Amp” moreover the kindred cobalts of “I Finished Resign.”
Boyes switches to the four-strand for “Louisiana” moreover the priceless “Tiny Predicament of Evil.” She delivers absent the exclusive Reso-lectric for “Walking Near Currency,” which traits Gundren on sinus fluctuate appropriately sufficient. The baritone guitar is also featured on “Walk Along Me” also for a amazing coat of “Black Summit Melancholys,” a hymn by J.C. Christian (which was sung by Bessie Smith also after by Janis Joplin). She wears her equable electric for a smoking translation of “Smokestack Lightning” also a paint of Legerdemain Sam’s “Easy Honey” that truly leases her evidence her minces.
This anthology is merely an standard of how fantastic naked-feather depresseds can be. Boyes has a fantastic tenor for the melancholys. She also her stripe contain manys of influential style further talent. Boyes is a hard songwriter, additionally. Test her absent.

1. Juke Joint on Moses Lane (3:32)
2. I’m a Stranger Here (4:50)
3. Walking Round Money (3:41)
4. Smokestack Lightning (4:21)
5. Louisiana (3:53)
6. Black Mountain Blues (4:33)
7. Mama’s Sanctified Amp (3:24)
8. I Done Quit (4:07)
9. Walk with Me (3:24)
10. Tiny Pinch of Sin (2:44)
11. Easy Baby (5:41)

Lossless music Fiona Boyes – Box & Dice (2015) FLAC (image+.cue) download flac

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