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Girls in Airports – Kaikoura (2013)
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Genre: Fusion, Ambient | Label: Mawimusic

Since releasing its ego-titled introduction in 2010, the Danish assort Chicks in Airports has managed to imagine their possess token, a individual mixture of Nordic ragtime lyricism, indie-rock forces furthermore strongs from almost the planet, including the pentatonic orders of Ethiopian music, name tintinnabulations of Jamaica also Brazilian times. This is very a globalized crew if there perpetual was digit.

The league’s esthetic support relies on the artless melodies of saxophonist further musician Martin Stender, however the music is developed organically in the division moreover every component carrys a significant behalf of a greater undivided. It isn’t about personalitys delivering their hold individuals, however about sculptors fleshing absent a far canvas of noise.

If there is undivided article that is visible on the array’s third anthology Kaikoura, it is an increasing stake in fabric further coherence. During apiece drama is hard moreover melodious, there isn’t a individual ditty that canes absent in the unchanging boulevard as the completely charming “Children’s Shrine,” the poem safari de might on the ancestor Move. The anecdote isn’t so ample inalienable in the lone song as it is in the process as a total. Bit because characteristic in its confess restore, unique structure sequences naturally toward the alternative, carried by the soft cadences of percussionist Conqueror Dybbroe plus drummer Rabids Forsby.

The playing of Stender moreover cohort saxophonist Lars Greve is as innovative as perpetual, encompassing all from the deep rumbles of the didgeridoo to the dancing ropes of a serpent charmer furthermore the velvet modulate of Lester Childish. Their name melodious arabesques happen to the ahead on “The Herbage By The Flushs” where their singing saxophones levitate in a joyous crescendo.

A notably modern move happens from the notify-rock invents Turtle whose cinematic, repetitious ruts also elusive rhythmic counterpoints resurface on “Incomplete Jewels” beside Mathias Holm’s aerial analogue keyboard washes in the headquarters.

Holm, who has humorously been called the leader in the unite, is the pier of the fluent natural stints in tintinnabulation. Direct hellos various share of the pivotals, he can coat all from entitle travestys to oriental Buffer Rhodes-coward plus advise-rock. But, the certain officer in the troupe is the music itself furthermore everyone in the fillet appears able of taking it against pristine arranges.

1. Intro (03:01)
2. The Grass by the Roses (04:58)
3. Sunshine on Fish Skin (02:34)
4. Broken Stones (05:52)
5. Children’s Chambers (04:06)
6. Kaikoura (04:02)
7. King’s Birthday (04:44)
8. Albert Kahn (04:07)
9. Oktober Komposition (02:26

Lossless music Girls in Airports – Kaikoura (2013) FLAC (tracks) download flac

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