Lossless sound Guy J – The Trees, The Sea & The Sun (Bedrock [BEDGJ03CD]) (2015) FLAC (tracks+ .image) music download

Guy J – The Trees, The Sea & The Sun (Bedrock [BEDGJ03CD]) (2015)
FLAC (tracks+ .image) | Tracks: 24 | Playtime: 05:12:58 | Size: 1.94 GB
Genre: Tech House, Progressive House, Chill Out, Techno | Label: Bedrock | Released: 2015

Immersed in the cosmoss wealthy stomp music cultivation from an previous lifetime, producer Boy J has grow an essential item of a forth thinking progeny of electronic experts. The ultimate decade has seen Dude J mount beneath musics illustrious trap, enthralling the brains of music boyfriends over the orb beside hellos selective insight of how electronic music should be constructed. Beside a unequivocal fancy further ample-envied peculiarity of individual strong to shape a contrasting kind of types, touching along gracing the orbs prominent discos besides fiesta, Dude J directly proudly heralds hellos impending book on John Digweeds Bottom archives, titled The Cedars, The Briny & The Bask. An expert that carries a treasure of skill interior music, Boy J initial caught the attention of music large stresss among hellos 2007 emancipate Husband Me, making the reel music neighborhood rightfully stand up furthermore grab notice of the brood producers fly fresh strong. Among global second from John Digweed, who has pioneered hellos various propositions, The Elders, The Brine & The Tan is the end of sum the esteemed sturdys that Boy J grasps so dearly to himself, merged toward a listening skill want no further. An inherent unit of John Digweeds Bottom group, Dude Js previous pair LPs Esperanza besides 1000 Maxims received an bedeck of solid audits from premier proclamations internal the music toil. Atmospheric melodies were married accompanying token techno collision in a never prior heard merger of sinister jurisdiction well-foundeds. Returning to Bottom along hellos third LP, The Cedars, The Briny & The Bask advances the symbol stable that has made him the revered singer that stands previously us today. Magnetic incentive from a huge anthology of moves, this remit quite cuddles plus embodys Dudes mesmeric yield method weaving over wonderfully programmed throb swings in Equinox besides Dynamic Further Times flurrying synth placements. Demonstrating hellos versatility as negative mere a producer, however as an electronic expert, the loves of Crazy Sine further Contradiction showcase the skill to cause intricately crafted tentative yields. A affectionate producer, Boy J has never disregarded the emphasis of performing at locales over the universe; a methodical at the wants of Capacity Ibiza further Prohibited Unprecedented York, discotheque goers retain suit enchanted by hellos autograph further never anterior skill amalgamate of home also techno. Never errant likewise wide elsewhere from this point of hellos job, Opera furthermore Paradise are couple ruts that are unerring to sturdy absent done orators of discos further fiesta over the ball. A titanic melting fortune of sonic reconnaissance showcasing the ample clever skill of Boy J compiled against twin CDs of the top diameter; The Elders, The Ocean & The Tan harps Dude Js status as digit of ballet musics most inspired, moved also able performers.

01. Guy J – The Trees, the Sea & the Sun (Continuous Mix 1) (64:19)
02. Guy J – The Trees, the Sea & the Sun (Continuous Mix 2) (76:53)
03. Guy J – Argeman (07:52)
04. Guy J – Bungalow (07:36)
05. Guy J – Sleep in My Arms (07:03)
06. Guy J – 8 Minute Flight (08:17)
07. Guy J – Fool’s Don’t Last (07:58)
08. Guy J – Opera (08:19)
09. Guy J – Equinox (07:32)
10. Guy J – Live Another Day (08:02)
11. Guy J – Provokoter (07:42)
12. Guy J – Nirvana (10:18)
13. Guy J – Fly (Dub) (07:28)
14. Guy J – Last of Us (08:34)
15. Guy J – The Love & the Fear (10:52)
16. Guy J – Welcome Reality (06:22)
17. Guy J – Sunset in Miami (06:36)
18. Guy J – Social Butterfly (07:34)
19. Guy J – Miss You Miles Away (06:08)
20. Guy J – Mad Sine (07:36)
21. Guy J – When We Met (05:23)
22. Guy J – Paradox (10:16)
23. Guy J – My Dizzy (07:26)
24. Guy J – Forever & Ever (06:46)

Lossless music Guy J – The Trees, The Sea & The Sun (Bedrock [BEDGJ03CD]) (2015) FLAC (tracks+ .image) download flac

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