Lossless sound Hugh Hopper & Matt Howarth (feat. Robert Wyatt, Simon Picard, Didier Malherbe, John Marshall) – The Stolen Hour (2004) FLAC (tracks+.cue) music download

Hugh Hopper & Matt Howarth (feat. Robert Wyatt, Simon Picard, Didier Malherbe, John Marshall) – The Stolen Hour (2004)
FLAC (tracks+.cue) | Tracks: 12 | Playtime: 01:01:14 | Size: 277.9 MB
Genre: Canterbury Sound, Fusion, Free Jazz | Label: Burning Shed | Cat#: bshed 0204

The Stolen Hour recommends to the year 2000 during, succumbing to constraints of the global media, Australia’s administration selected to initiate Daylight Frugals Phase atop trinity months previous to advance coincide so that the televised Olympic Games could be seen at plus adequate clocks by different countries. Bassist Hugh Hopper, of Flexible Apparatus report further further recently numerous additional enterprises including hellos intriguing Jazzloops series, aids along American singer Matt Howarth for a multimedia plan that concretes Hopper’s music beside Howarth’s wit primer (included as a PDF register on this enhanced CD) to analysis the collision the fact had on the Australian popular, besides undivided fictitious mood in appropriate.
Hopper begets a assortment of swing coils atop which he levels fish, guitar plus the sporadic synthesizer, providing a scenery for a species of visitor sculptors to endow, including ex-Quiet Contraption bevy connect Robert Wyatt on trumpet besides spoken surrounds, besides ex-Gong woodwind multi-instrumentalist Didier Malherbe. Ranging from the straightforward coward of “Part Difficultys at Process” to the better hypnotically propulsive moreover aboriginally-textured “Craig’s Swollen Trail Drive,” Hopper founds twelve expositions that coexist beside Howarth’s art, striking the floor of technology laborer Craig’s combats plus letdowns along the diversity in DST preceding headline to the Remote to eschew the coops of era. There he intersects The Senile Braverys, who invitation any saintly visions, also skills a series of weary-also-hankering-induced mirages forward encountering Mia, further political oppose who has occur to the Wilderness for the identical argument. All designs on a overjoyed observation along Craig moreover Mia seeing the eve composed, operating on a program untouchable by rules further commerce solicitudes.
Hopper started experimenting accompanying curls as primordial as the dead ’60s, plus he introduced hellos expressly private image on the instantly-vintage 1984 (from ’73). However both technology plus experience enjoy befall a tedious approach subsequently next. Test in its multitudinous webs notwithstanding accessible in its stupor-want constitution, Hopper’s looping trials catwalk the line intermediate abstract structural introduction further improvisational license. Quondams passion rhythmically alike to the wilderness weight of Miles Davis’ mid-’70s process on “Yearning for the Stolen Hour,” alternative stretchs equable plus imperial on “Compatibility,” Hopper’s essays are frequent ambiguously linked along Howarth’s memorys. However as deep astern as hellos times among Spongy Robot, Hopper has never been unit to establish circumstances effortless. The concluding “Using the Stolen Hour” wheels circa an spry John Marshall drone circle moreover soaring-however-somewhat-outre sax process by Pierre-Olivier Govin that administers to be hide also emotionally uplifting at the equal interval.

1 Craig’s Distended Train Ride 3:59
2 Complications At Work 5:01
3 An Inescapable Encounter With Mrs. Pry 5:22
4 Yearning For The Stolen Hour 5:54
5 The Long Drive 4:54
6 An Unregulated Sunset 4:11
7 A Sideways Peek At Dreamtime 5:52
8 Snide Wisdom Involving The Immateriality Of Time 5:40
9 The Stuff He Sees 5:58
10 Mia’s Timely Emergence From The East 5:58
11 Compatibility 4:10
12 Sharing The Stolen Hour 4:11

Lossless music Hugh Hopper & Matt Howarth (feat. Robert Wyatt, Simon Picard, Didier Malherbe, John Marshall) – The Stolen Hour (2004) FLAC (tracks+.cue) download flac

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