Lossless sound Hyperion – Seraphical Euphony (2016) FLAC (tracks) music download

Hyperion – Seraphical Euphony (2016)
FLAC (tracks) | Tracks: 9 | Playtime: 00:52:25 | Size: 386.4 MB
Genre: Melodic Death, Black Metal | Label: NO

Crack a beer and get comfy folks, it’s storytime. Our tale is about a brave group of Swedes who decided to storm the castle of greatness, knowing full well the dangers and hardships they’d face. The lofty standards of age-old records loved worldwide would need to be breached. Our protagonists would need to deftly maneuver within clear and defined stylistic boundaries. These Swedes go by the name Hyperion, and the tome of their triumph is called Seraphical Euphony.

Into battle Hyperion rides on a menacing black steed. In particular, the one the Grim Reaper is riding on the cover of Storm of the Light’s Bane because my oh my does this sound like Dissection’s second record. There’s also a clear influence of Emperor’s brand of tastefully symphonic “sophisticated black metal art” that shows up on their records along with the far more melodic direction Ihsahn’s The Adversary took that sound in. Given that Dissection employed a ton of melo-death elements on Storm, it makes sense that Hyperion takes the hint and brings that influence into play as well. Interestingly, The Haunted’s severely underrated The Dead Eye is the biggest melo-death influence present to my ears, which lends an extra layer of big riffs to the melodic stuff here. Watain’s finest two hours in Lawless Darkness and Sworn to the Dark make appearances too in their burlier take on Dissection, particularly noticeable in “Flagellum Dei” when things get extra chunky.

01. Remnants Of The Fallen (02:08)
02. Novus Ordo Seclorum (06:59)
03. Flagellum Dei (05:07)
04. Seraphical Euphony (08:20)
05. Moral Evasion (05:20)
06. Primal Cosmic Ascendancy (04:55)
07. Zephyr Of Grace (05:58)
08. Empyrean Yearning (05:34)
09. Blood Of The Ancients (08:02)

Lossless music Hyperion – Seraphical Euphony (2016) FLAC (tracks) download flac

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