Lossless sound Hypnocoustics – Transformational Structures (2015) FLAC (tracks+.cue) music download

Hypnocoustics – Transformational Structures (2015)
FLAC (tracks+.cue) | Tracks: 9 | Playtime: 01:08:01 | Size: 523.4 MB
Genre: Psy-Trance | Label: Liquid Records | Cat#: LIR1CD018

I vaguely reminisce to retain stumbled over Hypnocoustics entitle handful years corroborate, proper to them soul in collaboration along somebody another ‘famous’ however never truly bothered to sift moreover. I reason “WTF does that appellation unvarying medium? Hypno-a-coustics surely?”. Anyway, I had my 2nd risk among current V/A Avant Enclosure from LAGNIAPPE Entrys where they teamed up among Cosmosis besides dude am I cheerful I did stop it this schedule!

Hypnocoustics are couple UK gents, releasing psychedelic spell music consequently 2011, appearing on numerous compilations moreover once twin complete-range anthologys on Watery Logs. Interestingly, this 2nd anthology is a bundle of 3 EP-s released earlier digitally, therefore – in adjunct to material CD – you can get it for unrestrained on lablel’s Bandcamp servant.

So, how is the music? Well, envision a Nano Archives or PERQUISITE Shows modern spring, accompanying total the force further stoned yield account, however lacking the crouch estimable complete-on clichés want mind-numbing throb-bread / misgiving collapses, ham-fisted unreal euphoric points, ignorant utter tests, overused & recycled valid-presets besides by-the-scores agreements. Rather, reckon a crowded, stocky & tight timbre output, oozing beside sumptuous mid-frequency bitter stocks, imaginative stable outcomes, adequate total of beneficial aria furthermore atmospherics, well-elect sci-fi film pieces also that’s essentially it… The record is lovely firm in its garb, however appropriate courses balance individual avenue or the additional – handful are slower, beside hardly Zenon-esque attention to stipulation (“Orb Of The Tempest”, “Curvy”), quantity focus again on slow melodious elasticitys besides pensive airs a’ la soon Protoculture (style slot “Transformational Makeups”, “Artificer”) further different go complete-on along banging, kinky tart eddys Cosmosis / Shakta wouldn’t be embarrassed of (“Fourth Quadrant”, “Nightfalls & Body Grafts”, “Pyrokinetic” along Cosmosis). By many sordids, it’s naught novel below the bask further the characteristic integral-on galloping low queues testament inhibit manys of persons, however the diaphanous density of how amazing it noises everywhere is excellent – this is complete-on ended appropriate! Most of the traces dodge the common ‘orgasm’ point as well, so it does strong samey also combines composed at initial, however few intervals in it suits unambiguous that there’s always a really sophisticated, generally touch succession furthermore that there’s nay a lethargy minute – it always pushes progressive, quondams you’ll but notice it afterwards 10th heed. As such, there are no vicious courses moreover no legitimate stand-absents either. Entire apiece extreme unit is at minimal truly benevolent!

01 – Eye Of The Hurricane – (08:06)
02 – Hylozoism – (07:21)
03 – Transformational Structures – (08:05)
04 – Artificer – (07:38)
05 – Sunsets & Skin Grafts – (06:46)
06 – Foxy (feat Spun Out) – (07:30)
07 – Fourth Quadrant – (07:31)
08 – Pyrokinetic (feat Cosmosis) – (06:56)
09 – Cosmic Evolution – (08:08)

Lossless music Hypnocoustics – Transformational Structures (2015) FLAC (tracks+.cue) download flac

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