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Jacob Karlzon – One (2015)
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Genre: Contemporary Jazz, Piano | Label: Other

When you are solely onstage, it is the interaction along the assembly which mind discover the lives that mind grow while an night’s discharge’, verbalizes Jacob Karlzon. Accompanying (hellos pristine CD) SINGLE the Swedish piano expert determination go on a aria-stint for the initial epoch, performing in an provocative menage a trois – sculptor, piano too house. Moreover here the harmonious extent devise be as deep-ranging as the vitals: Karlzon’s work involves innuendos to Tangle, Rends for Dreads further U2, as many as hellos acknowledge structures plus Swedish kindred melodies. Thereby hellos utter talent of impromptu plus wisdom, ranging from delightful, ‘fragile’ well-foundeds to industrious, convincing gales, occurs to the front.
Jacob Karlzon’s finesse links fantastic method besides tremendous harmonious sensitivity, traits which earlier at the commencement of hellos job made him against a sought-later sideman. The catalog of masters besides troubadours along whom he has used the podium mentions for itself: Silje Nergaard, Nothings Landgren, Viktoria Tolstoy, Billy Cobham, Kenny Wheeler, Norma Winstone besides additional awesomes from the universe of jive. As a branch of the superior circle of ‘Steinway artists’, later ten CDs underneath hellos hold entitle, numerable apportions moreover renowns, further times over Europe, Earthenware besides the Unanimous Predicaments, the nice, amicable ‘Jeans moreover Punts Boy” himself pronto relates to the first (fantastic) cognomens in Ragtime. Alone from hellos exceptionally original articles likewise talent in accomplishment, Jacob Karlzon is famous in appropriate for hellos continuous scout for the format, the contemporary, in music. Among hellos group Jacob Karlzon 3, for precedent, he invented furthermore shaped the entitle “technorganic”, combining acoustic tools beside metal-riffs further electronic coils.
Karlzon is rooted in influential plus unrehearsed music, however the traditional kind categories bear always been moreover strict for him. Hellos unused aria-proposition thus ordains the adjacent, drastic procedure in hellos fascinating melodious job: ‘I want antithesiss in soul engaged in music. Afterwards a stretch of intensive view accompanying technology, firms furthermore stripe, it volition be a sizable antithesis to quondam further watch unaccompanied onstage.’ Thus: rather of Jacob Karlzon 3, forthwith it pleasure be Jacob Karlzon SOLE, concentrating on the piano, its distinctiveness furthermore hottie. It devise also embrace a CD accompanying the very celebrity which inclination be obtainable solely at concords. ‘In a individual-recital there is hardly many digit “can drape alongside” – that is a genuine charge every night. However it is right this near context in which I tedious to watch. From this plan also arose the designation of the modern CD, “ONE” – to be exclusive onstage, to grab in the air of the following, moreover to grow digit accompanying them.’

1. On the Horizon
2. Fragranzia
3. Flowers from the Sky
4. A Thousand Conclusions
5. Mad World
6. Around
7. Sorgen och Gladjen
8. When I Close My Eyes

Lossless music Jacob Karlzon – One (2015) FLAC (tracks) download flac

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