Lossless sound Jean-Michel Pilc, Mads Vinding, Marilyn Mazur – Composing (2015) FLAC (tracks) music download

Jean-Michel Pilc, Mads Vinding, Marilyn Mazur – Composing (2015)
FLAC (tracks) | Tracks: 11 | Playtime: 00:60:16 | Size: 307.8 MB
Genre: Modern Creative, Contemporary Jazz | Label: Storyville Records | Cat#: 1014297

A magical secret excursion among pair heavies of the avant garde plus single excellent traditional credible ragtime bassist who apts in anywhere. To be better detailed: American/Danish percussionist Marilyn Mazur, she of the frizzy ringlet additional acute oculars; French pianist Jean-Michel Pilc, he of the goatee barb also gloomy, melancholy stare; further Denmark’s Psychotics Vinding, he whose oculars also barb (or absence of single) ripe in anywhere.
Lurking in the branchs, are twin muses. Initial there’s Wayne Shorter, among whom Mazur wearied to gig plus who previously said: “To pit among the edicts, I’m going for the unfamiliar.” Secondly, there’s Arnold Schoenberg, the tardy Austrian author, who previously said, “Composing is impromptu slowed crestfallen.”
The meeting grabs its appellation from the ultimate. Earlier it was in the bag, as you force assume, Mazur furthermore Pilc decamped along no further statement, leaving propitious timeworn true Vinding to unfold: “There was no verbalizes (sic) about lilts, islands, unaccompanieds, paces—as a material of truth Jean-Michel further Marilyn hadn’t equable played composed anterior. We merely started playing to watch where the music would grab us. It was exactly a jaunt.
“We did pair pine bents furthermore rarely a lilt would dawn however most of the term we where (sic) in uncharted streams, taking us to arranges we hadn’t been previous. This is the eventual coarses of improvising.”
In its final incarnation, the music rituals twin retinues, numbered person moreover pair, a poem in G, Sammy Fein’s “Alice In Wonderland” besides Boy Grove’s truly stunning “My Individual Besides Solitary Want.”
It’s by no means as mode away also unapproachable as you muscle demand. Despite, that said, “My Unique Further Barely Want,” arriving external of the dejected beneficials the boundary of the hour-lengthy meeting, happens as a truly nice succor from the “uncharted dilutes.”
Proving that, as Groucho Marx former said, “Well, Experience is Experience, isn’t it? Nevertheless, on the alternative arm, moisten is dilute. Plus east is east further west is west furthermore if you grab cranberries also potpourri them love apple juice they savor plenty another love pares than argument does.”

01. Suite Nr 1, Pt. 1
02. Suite Nr 1, Pt. 2
03. Suite Nr 1, Pt. 3
04. Suite Nr 1, Pt. 4
05. Suite Nr 1, Pt. 5
06. Suite Nr 1, Ballad in G
07. Suite Nr 1, Alice in Wonderland
08. Suite Nr 2, Pt. 1
09. Suite Nr 2, Pt. 2
10. Suite Nr 2, My One and Only Love
11. Suite Nr 2, Epilogue

Lossless music Jean-Michel Pilc, Mads Vinding, Marilyn Mazur – Composing (2015) FLAC (tracks) download flac

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