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Kelly Richey – Shakedown Soul (2016)
FLAC (tracks) | Tracks: 10 | Playtime: 00:40:53 | Size: 284.6 MB
Genre: Blues Rock | Label: Sweet Lucy Records

Shakedown Soul, Kelly Richey’s 16th album encompassing a 35 year career as a singer/songwriter and master guitar slinger known for her fiery chops, is a 10-track album that deftly mixes blues, funk, electronica, and gritty rock and roll. The ten tracks are woven together seamlessly with chunky guitar riffs, groove based, melodic bass lines, synthesized sounds, and in-your-face John Bonham-style drum grooves and loops. Richey augments foot-stomping rockers with blistering guitar work and husky vocals that swagger along a massive wall of sound that swirls and spins in layers with celestial glitches, DJ scratching, drum loops, horns, keys, strings, and synth sequencing into a hot mess of sonic balance that suits her raw, ultra-personal all-original song lyrics. Shakedown Soul features melodic, well-arranged songs that feel both ethereal and hard as concrete. Richey’s riff-heavy guitar is gritty and dirty, and she steps out of the box on this album to incorporate synthesized sounds with her signature Strat that perfectly and masterfully complete each other.

Richey’s road-worn vocals indicate a competent authority, singing about survival, unanswered questions of life, betrayal, and failed relationships. In the vein of Richey’s last studio release “Sweet Spirit,” her powerful lyrics don’t sugarcoat. Her husky alto voice has matured into a beautiful timbre that is extraordinarily powerful and controlled— and just gets better with time.

Always finding new ways to shake up the blues/rock genre, her ballsy rock and roll guitar playing doesn’t disappoint. The only acoustic song on the album slows things down a bit: “Fading” delicately blends Kelly’s acoustic guitar playing, intimate vocals and forthright lyrics with swirling synth strings and ethereal, atmospheric layers of sound. Taking inspiration from indie artists like Ryan Adams, Beck, Portishead, and Daft Punk, Richey crafted the songs and honed melody lines and lyrics to sit perfectly with her multitalented rhythm section: bassist Rikk Manning and drummer/electronic artist and producer Tobe “Tobiotus” Donohoe.” Tobe Donohoe’s expert production on Shakedown Soul is truly masterful, blending Richey’s hard rocking songs with DJ scratching, vocal and instrument effects, loops and synthesized textured layers that complement, not compete, with Richey’s signature sound. Rikk Manning’s virtuoso bass playing is evident throughout the album as well, showcasing his diverse talent and mastery of his instrument.

01. Fading
02. You Wanna Rock
03. Lies
04. The Artist In Me
05. Love
06. Afraid To Die
07. Only Going Up
08. Just Like A River
09. I Want To Run
10. Fading (Acoustic)

Lossless music Kelly Richey – Shakedown Soul (2016) FLAC (tracks) download flac

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