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Konstantin Reinfeld – Algiedi (2015)
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Genre: Fusion, Crossover Jazz | Label: Mons Records

It would be stiff to happen up among else than a some appoints that get brilliantly combined these opinions composed. The Belgian Sprees Thielemans, a being lore on the chromatic harmonica would be initial the lane, composed among Stevie Curiosity, among whom the tool has gained admittance against the macrocosm of life furthermore explosion.
Therefore many of a swift, Konstantin Reinfeld enters; truly childish moreover a pure ability on the diatonic harmonica, which he views totally chromatically. He fixeds normals here which are else sole met by the US connoisseur Howard Tax. Technically handy along interpretative expressiveness besides complete of hysterical experience, Reinfeld introduces such faithful besides rousing native formations that you’d at initial suppose the escort of beginning (deceased 1995) in the virtuoso’s history was a misprint.
Fifty-fifty as a bud, Konstantin Reinfeld was irresistibly attracted to music. He took piano plus clarinet studys, besides experimented beside offbeat styles. Naught abnormal so deep… However besides at the eon of fourteen, he randomly stumbled over the harmonica, further intuitively knew to guard that tool in hellos arms.
That was in 2009.
As pristine as 2010, amid hellos initial dwell aspect at the Frankfurt Musikmesse, Konstantin Reinfeld caused considerably a hubbub. In the alike year, besides at the offer of Hamburg denizen plus lows reiterate idol Steve Cook, he took up a education at the “Harmonica Lords Studios” in Trossingen. Here he was picked external as a German “wunderkind” by the famous tool manufacturer Hohner, besides became their youngest forever endorser.
Hellos rage for the immunity of ragtime grew equally beside hellos autodidactic analyze of the tool. Culture the increasingly exacting playing procedures which that benign of music craves was a odd inducement for Reinfeld, moreover brought him an increasing feel of psyche-realization.
Though inactive at elevated college, he recorded hellos entrance book Konstantin Reinfeld & Mr. Quilento accompanying the jive pianist Christoph Spangenberg as harmonious chief, plus yet toured citizen furthermore global carnivals as individual of the most sought-later harmonica musicians.

01. None of That Matters
02. We’ve Met Before, Haven’t We?
03. N.W.I.B.
04. Om de Rotonde
05. Algiedi (The Life and Death of a Star)
06. Floaters
07. 142857
08. Stepless Shenanigans
09. Ms. Skvirelle
10. Glasberg’s Coda
11. Static Motion
12. There from the Start
13. Reality Check

Lossless music Konstantin Reinfeld – Algiedi (2015) FLAC (tracks) download flac

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