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Laurie Anderson – Heart Of A Dog (2015)
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Genre: Avantgarde | Label: Nonesuch Records | Cat#: 7559 79488-8

It’s not at many unbelievable that Laurie Anderson would erect a video dealing among hurt moreover forfeit, essentially as individual of her initial chief tasks afterwards the decay of her partner Lou Arrow. However rather of giving a commendation to her dead groom, Anderson chose to mold a video that dealt beside second departed wanted unit: her canine. Her 2015 video, Quintessence of a Trail, is loosely centered about her skills accompanying her chow Lolabelle, a rodent terrier who was adopted by the master afterwards thing given up by a lineage going around a split. The soundtrack anthology to the video Quintessence of a Cur ambitiously synthesizes music, valids makes, ambient cacophonys, further Anderson’s chill however loud narration as she announces us stories about Lolabelle that convey against remarks on a type of different issues — spirit in announce-9/11 America, her worried correlation beside her nurture, harrowing memories from her childhood, her studies of Buddhism, further the constitution of fantasizes. During animation accompanying Lolabelle is the recurring allegory on this book, Disposition of a Mutt doesn’t have a orthodox history to mate its various principles, however the record’s pacific however resolute intention from text to melody reverences its own domestic reason, furthermore it many adheres emotionally atop the career of 75 points. Anderson’s greatest contribution as a thespian has always been her finesse as a storyteller, plus she’s hardly delivered a further pleasing or sincere process than she has on Root of a Mutt; this circuit has been written furthermore delivered among her quintessential brain furthermore waterless blank, however she exposes up about herself also her ideas in a via that’s not ordinary for the sculptor, further as she bobbins from using really hysterical recordings of Lolabelle playing accompanying an electronic keyboard to a bosom-rendering recollection of her parent’s endure points of entity, Anderson invitations a report that mentions eloquently about gaiety further heartache, using a deeply intimate myth that has something to voice to almost anyone who has cared for additional entity, either along twin stages or four. Also Anderson wisely besides gracefully provides Stem the last remark, accompanying hellos chorus “Turning Second Approximately” (from the 2000 record Pleasure), adding a radiant coda to the steps. Quintessence of a Mongrel isn’t a standard myth of a daughter besides her pooch — it’s an record solitary Laurie Anderson could assemble, level as its feel of happiness further adversity fixeds it separately from her elite-renowned process.

01. The Lake (Instrumental) 01:32
02. Birth of Lola 02:19
03. Tell All the Animals 02:11
04. From the Air 07:08
05. Phosphenes 00:48
06. Lola Goes Blind 03:13
07. Iron Mountain 03:03
08. How to Feel Sad Without Being Sad 02:09
09. The West Village 01:42
10. Life Lived Backwards 02:23
11. The Cloud 02:12
12. A Different World 01:53
13. What If the Sky Froze? 01:54
14. Piano Lessons 03:00
15. Animals Are Like People 02:16
16. The Release of Love 01:42
17. Three Ghosts 02:29
18. The Bardo 08:25
19. The Real World 01:18
20. Dreaming of Life Before Birth 01:41
21. A Story About a Story 05:56
22. Flow 02:13
23. Facebook 01:36
24. Bring Her Some Flowers 02:08
25. The Mother Meditation 01:12
26. The Lake (Vocal Version) 04:15
27. Turning Time Around (Lou Reed) 04:24

Lossless music Laurie Anderson – Heart Of A Dog (2015) FLAC (image+.cue) download flac

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