Lossless sound Le Cassette – Left to Our Own Devices (2014) FLAC (tracks) music download

Le Cassette – Left to Our Own Devices (2014)
FLAC (tracks) | Tracks: 15 | Playtime: 01:02:47 | Size: 426.8 MB
Genre: Synthwave, Synthpop, Outrun, New Retro Wave | Label: NO

ong awaited releases always seem to mark recognisable progressions in music. Music that was hinted at and barely allowed to glow then shines ever so brilliantly once fully unveiled. Over the last couple of years these glimmers have been witnessed at odd intervals with tracks from Le Cassette making lasting impressions as open threats of a full length album somewhere in the near future made one’s imagination buzz with the possibilities.

Le Cassette have been one of my favourite talents of the ‘new generation’ of 80s synth producers as their aesthetic was an entirely under represented style back in 2012 and, ironically, still is in 2014. This style of the early 80s new romantic synth pop sounds brought to mind the likes of Human League, Simple Minds, ABC and Spandau Ballet all in one. The Le Cassette experience is hugely vocal driven and is incredibly authentic to the classic 80s style and tones. To complement this the songwriting has always been there, in step with the vocals, making for some of the scene’s strongest songwriting as balance of homage and modern creativity blended seamlessly.

This brings us to July 2014 and we are finally allowed to experience the entire sum of Le Cassette’s parts as one full length LP that leaves no questions to be asked about what the trio of Adam McNab, James Nalepa and Joe Wood have been doing for the last couple of years. The honing of each element has resulted in some of the finest craftsmanship one will experience in an album the makes the 80s sounds vividly fresh and rejuvenated. The range of the music and vocal performance is something special to behold and right from the outset you know you’re in for something uncommonly detailed and fine tuned to the nth degree.

01. Le Cassette – Intro (1:59)
02. Le Cassette – Digital Power (4:51)
03. Le Cassette – Electric Paradise (4:18)
04. Le Cassette – Fighter (3:41)
05. Le Cassette – Arms of Mine (6:56)
06. Le Cassette – Radio (4:13)
07. Le Cassette – This is All We Know (4:43)
08. Le Cassette – Here I Am (5:09)
09. Le Cassette – You Are You Are (4:24)
10. Le Cassette – Magnifique (2:50)
11. Le Cassette – Tokyo Blues (5:30)
12. Le Cassette – 1-UP (2:56)
13. Le Cassette – Tonight (4:53)
14. Le Cassette – I Will Show You (3:41)
15. Le Cassette – Getaway (2:42)

Lossless music Le Cassette – Left to Our Own Devices (2014) FLAC (tracks) download flac

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