Lossless sound Mars Red Sky – Apex III (Praise for the Burning Soul) (Deluxe Edition) (2016) FLAC (tracks+.cue) music download

Mars Red Sky – Apex III (Praise for the Burning Soul) (Deluxe Edition) (2016)
FLAC (tracks+.cue) | Tracks: 8 | Playtime: 00:48:23 | Size: 316.8 MB
Genre: Stoner, Psychedelic Rock | Label: Listenable Records | Cat#: POSH309

Mars Red Sky started making waves early on in 2011 when they released their self-titled debut. On this album, the Bordeaux three-piece showed a penchant for 60s space rock filled with doomy tones and tempos, accentuated with pop sensibilities. That they could effortlessly combine these elements to create something that was just as soft and graceful as it was heavy and heady was a testament to their prowess as song writers. In the years that followed, Mars Red Sky continued to careen through outer space, releasing a series of EPs and splits as well as a critically acclaimed sophomore album, “Stranded in Arcadia.” Their touring schedule has been relentless, turning odometers all across Europe and South America, providing audiences both large and small with a unique, jaw-dropping experience. Now it’s 2016 and Mars Red Sky is set to release their third full-length, “Apex III (Praise for the Burning Soul),” an album that represents the most significant sonic progression the band has made so far.

In a live setting, Mars Red Sky tends to slow their songs down, serving up a sluggish delivery that enhances the dreaminess of their far-out melodies. For their 2016 release, Mars Red Sky has embraced this element of their live performances and incorporated it into their song writing. That’s not say that they’ve doomed the hell out of their music, but they have shifted gears away from their comfortable space rock niche. They’re now on a mission to challenge themselves and keep things interesting for both band and fans alike. The result displays the band’s eye for detail when it comes to building atmosphere; there’s a different brand of heft being pushed around here through the deployment of interesting time signatures, while all the while, a keen sense of what’s good for the song is maintained.

Album opener “(Alien Grounds)/Apex III” builds from a mantra-state to a thunderous climax without ever quite lifting off from the landing pad. The slow, monotonous melody is first accompanied by a grand piano then later by Pras’s fingers dancing across the fret board. It’s a daring opening for a band whose previous outing focused much more on the heavy bounce of thick bass tones. These elements are here, too – consider the confident yet fragile “Friendly Fire” and album highlight “Under the Hood” – but they are no longer the only rabbits getting pulled out of the hat.

01. Alien Grounds
02. Apex III
03. The Whinery
04. Mindreader
05. Under the Hood
06. Friendly Fire
07. Prodigal Sun
08. Shot in Providence

Lossless music Mars Red Sky – Apex III (Praise for the Burning Soul) (Deluxe Edition) (2016) FLAC (tracks+.cue) download flac

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