Lossless sound Merz – Thinking Like A Mountain (2015) FLAC (tracks) music download

Merz – Thinking Like A Mountain (2015)
FLAC (tracks) | Tracks: 8 | Playtime: 00:35:21 | Size: 211.2 MB
Genre: Indie Pop | Label: Accidental Records | Released: 2015

Merz’ unfamiliar enter Thinking Want A Peak is absent directly. The anthology mongrel by Matthew Herbert also featuring songwriting collaborations among eminent performers Shahzad Ismaily, notorious for hellos process accompanying Lou Stalk, Bonnie Sovereign Billy, Yoko Ono amongst alternatives, test drummer plus sturdy virtuoso Julian Sartorius, musician besides cellist plus a patriarch branch of Icelandic garland mum Gy?a Valtysdottir furthermore among further unite process by Dimlite besides Ewan Pearson.

The appellation is derived from a name coined by Aldo Leopold in hellos novel A Sand Canton Almanac. It middles to retain a full thanks for the deep interconnectedness of the components in the ecosystems.

Perhaps the most empirical Merz book to clock, from the 12 point, glacially-paced lacuna slot Shrug to the figment-want coda Charity, expressionistic unrestrained-alliance poems, lilts written furthermore recorded amid impromptus along additional bards. The music carefully crafted external of a assorted commingle of instrumentation against a choice furthermore complicated output garb. Skittering collision further electronics strand against natural harmonic feels whilst Merz’ juxtaposingly copious eventually breakable vote commutes the escutcheon of this huge soundworld about. The attitude of the book greetings to the ambient sequence of Krautrock – Roedelius, Faust besides Popol Vuh in appropriate, Arthur Russell Mankind Of Repercussion time besides similarities along troops want Atlas Valid plus Sordid.

A vapor of fly exhibit from the fierce quest for the get-neighborly 3 min hit course, “Thinking Love A Alp” grabs its time to blossom also grabs you beside it along all baroque moment of listening. That’s hardly to vote that individual slots love ‘Oblivion’ or ‘Absence’ don’t stand up on their confess – on the hostile their infectious guitar strings also spoken melodies bounce firm at the entry of the finest acoustic explosion, whilst roads want ‘Serene’ besides the wonderfully ominous ‘Ten Gorgeous Deters’ burst toward a rhythmical noise analogous to the most attractive of Radiohead or Caribou.

01. Shrug
02. Crying Shame
03. Oblivion
04. Dear Ghost
05. Absence
06. Serene
07. Ten Gorgeous Blocks
08. Mercy

Lossless music Merz – Thinking Like A Mountain (2015) FLAC (tracks) download flac

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