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Nathan Fake – Glaive (2015)
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Genre: Techno, Tech House, Electronic | Label: Cambria Instruments | Cat#: CAMBRIA02

With a new label and a new EP we’re beginning to unravel the new stage in Nathan Fake’s musical development. Following a departure from Border Community, Nathan Fake and former associate of Border Community Wesley Matsel have together formed a new co-operative ‘Cambria Instruments’, which sets to highlight the eccentricities of both producers; or as Fake describes, “new esoteric melodies and textures previously unheard from both artistsi. ‘Black Drift’, the inaugural transmission from C.I. demonstrated the kind of broken beats heard on ‘Steam Days’ and hinted towards a utilitarian sound aimed directly at the dancefloor.
Just as ‘Black Drift’ hinted towards a contemporary sound pallette, ‘Glaive EP’ confirms that Fake is on the outside looking in, “I’ve been listening to more music than usual lately, just trawling the internet for weird stuff. I usually shut myself off from most current things when I’m working on a record”. Fake however doesn’t want to feed the demand for club conventions and cliches, instead he creates tracks to progress his ever expanding live set, creating new edits and tracks on stage, while pulling material from his previous releases. “I’m trying to make the live versions sound pretty different to the recorded versions, I’ll redraw a synth part or make some new beats.”
To complete such a feat you’d imagine an array of cutting edge equipment surrounding a glowing silver laptop, but the reality is quite the opposite: “I’ve always been totally turned off by the idea of owning expensive/high-end equipment..”. At home Fake’s persistence to push his rudimentary equipment to the extreme continues. “Glaive was started with a couple of kick drum sounds I’d made on the SH-09. I’ve always loved the idea of using quite ‘crap’ sounds and putting them in the context of a proper track”.
Once the sounds are accumulated Fake records his performance on the fly in a similar setup to his live performance, giving ‘Glaive EP’ its unconventional structure and forward momentum. Just as his live performances feed off his released material, the disciplines learned on stage feedback into his recordings, creating an internal loop that allows Nathan Fake to ignore the ever accumulating divisions in electronic music. Whereas other electronic artists focus their attention on subverting the latest trend, Fake chooses to observe and then ignore conventions, releasing EPs like Glaive that are singular and striking from just about any perspective.

01. Fortune Bru (Original Mix)
02. Glaive (Original Mix)
03. Audio Gold (Original Mix)
04. Ffantasi (Original Mix)
05. Nuuk (Original Mix)

Lossless music Nathan Fake – Glaive (2015) FLAC (tracks) download flac

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