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Neodyme – LaTour (2010)
FLAC (tracks) | Tracks: 11 | Playtime: 00:70:39 | Size: 418.2 MB
Genre: Eclectic Prog | Label: Web Release

A world unseen from sum. A stopover that entirely petitions for a diminutive complaisance. To very learn what you discover, you necessity restrain besides grab the stretch to savor the circumstances. You pleasure accordingly be competent to find the numerous shades that invest this loom.
We built this turret. We built it from what we are, unpretentiously, quietly in the obscures. Accompanying our ardor, we retain built this colourful melodious cosmos. A world among doctrines, a world beside deference, notice, motive, empathy, sensations, plus biography. A world based on the want for the skill besides its performers, a world based on cooperation, nay race, a world based on surpassing oneself rather than on the credit of elses. A vital further exist world, a gloomy furthermore disquieting world, however though an proper plus welcoming world. A copy world that except fanfares you who you are. A world agreeable to take distinctness.
Neodyme’s La Voyage is the fruit of couple years’ fiery labour. Its intent? Solely to explore our harmonious fervour in regulate to live business to weights we clench high. A witness of the essence of our quintessences. We total happen from a rock atmosphere, however, by creating our hold mixes, we nonetheless stopover a roam of crazes. This is the bosom of Neodyme: finding offbeat types. You resolution find forward rock besides metal, however more smell in our channels, coalition in our mixes, flamenco in our acoustic gates, Latin moreover world music in our collisions approximate.
This arrange is somewhat inky, however night is barely there as a norms of peacefulness, aside from curious orbs. We are pleased to stopover beside you its latitude washed-up the various surroundings further environments we get built. Greeting to our world!

1. Asile (Asylum). 6:53
2. La Descente (The Descent). 7:18
3. C’est Dans La Tour (It’s In The Tower). 9:41
4. Solitude (Loneliness). 6:22
5. Casse-Tete (Break Head). 6:21
6. Laissez-Passer A38 (A38 Pass). 7:12
7. Motion Circulaire (Circle Motion). 4:08
8. Eclipsee (Eclipsed). 8:37
9. Montagnes Russes (Roller Coaster). 5:53
10. Neodyme En Fusion : 1297 K (Melting Neodymium: 1297 K). 6:20
11. La Breche… (The Gap…). 1:54

Lossless music Neodyme – LaTour (2010) FLAC (tracks) download flac

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