Lossless sound No Mor Musik (Weasel Walter, Nondor Nevai, Keshavan Maslak) – No Mor Musik (2010) FLAC (tracks+.cue) music download

No Mor Musik (Weasel Walter, Nondor Nevai, Keshavan Maslak) – No Mor Musik (2010)
FLAC (tracks+.cue) | Tracks: 6 | Playtime: 00:46:55 | Size: 308.6 MB
Genre: Jazzcore, Avant-Garde Metal, Free Improvisation | Label: ugEXPLODE | Cat#: ug41

To most, the racket that No Mor Musik create on their debut album is an unlistenable mess, but us, this disc is an awesome chaos attack that continues to wander down the same strange black/death metal influenced path as some of the other recent releases on Ugexplode. The band is made up of Weasel Walter (formerly of Flying Luttenbachers/Burmese, currently heading up some ferocious free-jazz ensembles) on bass, terminal weirdo Nondor Nevai (of Hatwewave and the recent Nondor-Barr duo album) on drums and vocals, and avant-garde saxophonist Keshavan Maslak, aka Kenny Millions on reeds. From the band name to the song titles, you can tell that there’s a certain amount of parody going on, or at least a tongue-in-cheek attitude towards this kind of extreme skronk-thrash, but that doesn’t mean that this is any less ferocious and fucked-up sounding as Nevai’s other collaborations with Weasel Walter. In fact, No More Musik goes even deeper into the bizarre fusion of black metal atavism and no wave/prog weirdness that we’ve heard on Nondor’s recent collaboration with Mick Barr, or any one of Flying Luttenbacher’s late 90s records. The nine minute opener “No Mor Song” is an awesome primitive black blast of bestial metal and fucked-up improv, and every time we spin this, we keep imagining what Finnish black metallers Beherit might have sounded like if they had become obsessed with No New York. The band stumbles and rages through blasts of super dissonant guitar noodling and caveman blastbeat drumming that’s super sloppy and chaotic and barely in time, breaking off into weird guitar noise freakouts and scraping free-form abrasion. Nevai delivers his vocals in a range of guttural vomiting screams and growling wordless ape-shrieks and lots of Tom Warrior-style “ugh”‘s, with tons of delay on the vocals, and Seth Putnam from Anal Cunt puts in an appearance as well on this track, spewing out his trademark vocal vomit. Then it veers WAY out into fractured, pointillist noise experiments and long stretches of abstract guitar noodling, the vocals changing into demented orgasmic moans and howls, and Maslak/Millions drops some squealing, blood-curdling saxophone shriek into it that strips flesh away with a Borbetomagus-like intensity, his bleating, screaming reeds soaked in spit and blood and bile, becoming entangled with the fucked up, mangled guitars and deformed blackened riffs. Imagine hearing something like Miss High Heel or the Luttenbachers crossed with early Beherit or Hellhammer… Then comes “Liner Notes”, a seventeen minute long track that is in fact an improvised sax-heavy jazz/dirge freakout with an endless, hysterically deranged series of liner notes and thanks list entries being growled and grunted over top. The music on this one is more like the heavy pounding jazzcore of God or 16-17 or Painkiller, heavy grinding riffs and paint-melting sax screech, but with these ridiculous guttural growls reciting an extensive stream-of-consciousness list of thank-yous, dedications, and album notes over the gruesome necrotic no wave. The rest of the tracks are shorter, but still very strange; weird jive talk over blurts of bass noodle and airy free jazz blowing, chunks of grisly freeform blast-jazz and sloppy thrash, squirting guitar skizz and nervous improvised percussion, and of course, more of that spastic, chaotic, monstrous blackened free-jazzcore. Comes in a full color digipak, and is limited to three hundred copies. – Nandor Nevai

01. No Mor Song
02. Liner Notes
03. Untitled (4:38)
04. High*Art
05. D.I.S.R.E.S.P.E.K.T.
06. Mor Death

Lossless music No Mor Musik (Weasel Walter, Nondor Nevai, Keshavan Maslak) – No Mor Musik (2010) FLAC (tracks+.cue) download flac

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