Lossless sound Opia – Eon (2016) FLAC (image+.cue) music download

Opia – Eon (2016)
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Genre: Progressive rock | Label: The A&R Dept

Perth based three-piece Opia have been around for a while, cranking out interesting, atmospheric alternative rock for an ever-growing audience. It takes a full-blown album for a band to truly stretch their musical wings and reach their full potential, and that has been achieved in no uncertain terms on Opia’s debut long player Eon.

You can hear strong influences in this band’s music – at times they resemble a more succinct, streamlined version of Cog – but they put their own slant on Aussie progressive/alt rock at the same time. On Eon, they’ve smoothed the edges of that scene’s sometimes-jarring dynamic focus, arriving at a more subtle sound. The album’s a smooth, easy ride, relative to many of their contemporaries, but the songs are very strong.

Signs shows the band’s ambient and electronic influences; the title track is all pounding rock but still highly melodic; lead single Still Standing is probably the album’s best cut with its driving forward momentum, rhythmical discordance and catchy chorus; and Commonality rounds things off in fine, epic style.

This album is wall to wall killer, with very little filler. With its top notch production, strong songs and musicianship and obscure but interesting lyricism, Eon is another excellent Aussie music package.

01. One By One
02. Somethings
03. Signs
04. Eon
05. Days
06. Still Standing
07. Did You Notice
08. One Minute Ago
09. Undone
10. Commonality

Lossless music Opia – Eon (2016) FLAC (image+.cue) download flac

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