Lossless sound Philippe Grancher – 3000 Miles Away (1975) (2008) FLAC (image+.cue) music download

Philippe Grancher – 3000 Miles Away (1975) (2008)
FLAC (image+.cue) | Tracks: 5 | Playtime: 00:31:49 | Size: 208.9 MB
Genre: Progressive Electronic, Space Rock | Label: Mellow Records | Cat#: MMP 449

Thanks to Julian Cope’s articles on prog rock, the world is familiar with Parisian anarchists Pôle Records, created by Paul and Evelyne Putti. The label was active for 3 years only (1975-1977) but managed to release essential albums of radical synth music and free rock by French musicians. Their catalogue was taken-up and reissued by Tapioca label from 1977 on (see discog here and photo gallery here). This album by Philippe Grancher (b1956) includes Jean-Louis Rizet, a member of the legendary radical synth duo Pôle and is produced by Philippe Besombes, a Pôle Records stalwart. The music on ‘3000 Miles Away’ is based on piano compositions with Moog, Mellotron or other vintage keyboards accompanyment. The composing method is close to that of Roedelius or Heldon. The B side includes guest musicians, adding an almost prog-rock touch to well-crafted, naive melodies. The title track’s piano sonata displays Grancher’s piano skills and classical influences. Obviously, the album sounds less freak than other Pôle Records releases, which is all the more welcome.

01. 3000 Miles Away [09:44.053]
02. Naïvetés [02:46.147]
03. Réflections à Propos d’un Miroir [03:15.653]
04. Flip Flop [09:51.813]
05. Birds, Birds [06:11.013]

Lossless music Philippe Grancher – 3000 Miles Away (1975) (2008) FLAC (image+.cue) download flac

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