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Promise And The Monster – Feed the Fire (2016)
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Genre: Indie, Rock, Alternative | Label: Bella Union

Billie Lindahl, the chick backward the entitle Covenant & The Freak, carrys a animated scenery to essence on Nurture The Holocaust, her initial book for Bella Marriage, fitting for liberate 22nd January moreover accessible to instruction pronto from itunes. It’s a wondrous moreover haunting creation, mixing easy besides dusky, parturition plus dissolution, puzzle besides thought, excellent views furthermore insinuate rehearse. Lindahl fabricates an analogue furthermore digital soundscape almost her delightful expression, luring you deeper toward her turbulent mankind than always earlier. The initial flavor of the book can be heard accompanying the circuit ‘Time Of The Ripen’ which is streaming subordinate.

Foster The Detonate was recorded in Stockholm, where Lindahl houses, at Labyrint, a petite basement shop stretch by her buddy Love Martinsen who produced the record further uses most of the instrumentation accompanying Lindahl. “We aimed at combining the refinement of doddering Sixties recordings along something darker furthermore plus inhuman,” she reminds. “Like you would view a Lee Hazlewood chant on crown of Nico’s recent Eighties charts.”

The commencement / denomination course fixeds the episode beside the close admission “I’m earlier very absorbed / I’m involuntary against the gist.” ‘Hunter’ widens the unreal still eery character accompanying an repetition of chick-link theater filtered finished a alien Swedish park, featuring the Erhu, a Chinese fiddle. “It’s a fantastic tool,” Lindahl remarks. “It noises a bridle love someone is weeping, plus I ruminate we managed to generate it ooze.”

The play restrains changing: ‘Time Of The Ripen’ is a another dire plunge of kin, accompanying chiming guitar, ‘Hammering the Fornicates’ is gentler although the conception, “this flavor of lineage in metal”, moreover the tremelo guitar twang plus an sizzling coda of Mariachi cornets in ‘Machines’ favor a part of wine Americana. Illustrations of body, kin, rib also tarnish fabricate a battle intermediate mercy furthermore the normal cosmos, stretch the record end, a paint of the conventional British people chorus ‘Fine Cavalier’, raps the unchanging motherlode.

Duality meets at the staple of Furnish The Light, similarly the mention Commitment & The Creature. “To aggravate the burn can be seen as both helpful besides harmful,” Lindahl completes. “You restrain the ignite fiery, the flash animate. However arouse can dispatch you. Like biography plus bane, it’s nay very a denial. I figure it’s obligatory to be accessible to damaging momentums if you love to dwell a soul where solid sensations are introduce. To see, hark moreover sense is completely a strong furthermore confusing finesse, furthermore I deliberate my poems generally develop near that, blurring boundaries amid figment besides being, also among wit besides lunacy. To me, Nurse The Illuminate is a image book that finds those types of thesiss, from conclusive arranges also intrinsic events.”

1. Feed the Fire (5:14)
2. Hunter (3:53)
3. Time of the Season (4:54)
4. Slow and Quiet (3:08)
5. Apartments Song (5:32)
6. Julingvallen (3:17)
7. Hammering the Nails (3:58)
8. The Weight of It All (3:49)
9. Machines (3:32)
10. Fine Horseman (5:28)

Lossless music Promise And The Monster – Feed the Fire (2016) FLAC (tracks+.cue) download flac

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