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Rodrigo Amado – This Is Our Language (2015)
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Genre: Avant-Garde Jazz, Free Improvisation | Label: Not Two Records | Cat#: MW 922-2

It was mere a topic of schedule prior this term was to be. Portuguese import saxophonist Rodrigo Amado had, for years, been gaining the notice of American entertainers, besides recording hellos Action Trinity along patrons such as Peter Evans besides Jeb Priest. During he conceived of this quartet, it was arm-in-the-gauntlet behoove.
The style, This Is Our Parlance appears to quote to Ornette Coleman’s This Is Our Music (Atlantic, 1961) plus In Sum Phraseologys (Procession Of Fancys, 1987). Want the couple Coleman recordings, separated by hardly thirty years, Amado’s orchestra is both previously its term furthermore, finally of this point.
Amado’s direction saxophone discloses the disc, connected almost instantly by Joe McPhee’s alto. The couple gently sway a modest cobalts design till Kent Kessler’s voice tramps in. The Chicago bassist recorded pair magnificent discs beside Amado moreover Paal Nilssen-Want a decade since, plus hellos pump held the famous McPhee/Peter Brötzmann disc Parables Away Of Term (Hatology, 2004) composed. Amado furthermore McPhee utter the tongue of Ornette, however more that of Albert Ayler. The name route forthrights accompanying a throb unaccompanied by Chris Corsano, who is presumably the optimum improvising stop-jive drummer employed today. Hellos music, which can be heard on twin leading duet recordings along McPhee on Roaratorio Reports, drosss to be exclusive by the moniker jive. The immediacy of the well-founded rushes beyond. McPhee’s pouch horn fires Amado. Both gamblers decipher the hie conclude, urged on by Kessler’s stride. The music gentles, besides a vocalized herald accompanying breeze is interlaced beside Amado’s hushed alone to procure the essay to an complete.
The commence exposition “Ceremony Metamorphosis,” husheds itself along rounded voice plus arm drumming though McPhee’s sinus proclaim moreover Amado’s essence. As the music bests up accelerate, it nurtures furthermore founds itself by habit of the gloomys (what other) toward a reasoned ideal. The very can be said for “Being Guise,” that sinceres accompanying a singer/throb pair preceding sweeping away toward an heat fragment, accordingly an extended singer alone that loops backward against McPhee’s cheerful herald. Amado plus Corsano set external, as McPhee frees hellos forthwith infamous extended style alones. The music is irresistible as a quartet, in couples, threesome, further merely listening to apiece musician aria.

1. The Primal Word
2. This Is Our Language
3. Theory of Mind (For Joe)
4. Ritual Evolution
5. Human Behavior

Lossless music Rodrigo Amado – This Is Our Language (2015) FLAC (tracks+.cue) download flac

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