Lossless sound Rosanna Fedele & Paolo Bernardi Quartet – Sogni diversi (2015) FLAC (tracks) music download

Rosanna Fedele & Paolo Bernardi Quartet – Sogni diversi (2015)
FLAC (tracks) | Tracks: 12 | Playtime: 00:60:53 | Size: 381.6 MB
Genre: Vocal Jazz | Label: Beta Produzioni | Released: 2015

Rosanna Fedele & Paolo Bernardi Quartet at the Cotton Disco Disco”Thursday, December 3 at the Cotton Disco in Per Bellinzona 2, 22.15, vocalist Rosanna Fedele & Paolo Bernardi Quartet, desire introduce” Assorted Fantasys “, hellos abet anthology released on the self-governing brand Beta Yields. A disk along a hard hysterical jolt that happens from the want of the singer to provide a pattern moreover a identity to the numerous wishs besides reflections that tenant hellos mental at evening. The evening, in phenomenon, is for her a particularly inventive, soldier, that empowers her to comprehend out from ordinary entity made of obligations furthermore responsibilities moreover cherish yourself to a holy plus familiar wend to determine herself. Here thereupon is the handle of the record “Several Ideals” suit evocative of an existential article that Rosanna Fedele stress to convey besides use, furthermore it does so ended the synthesis of 12 trails which is delicate interpreter furthermore composer. In the poems “Stride by phase”, “Luminary”, “Possibly so,” further “Black Rome” (written for the eponymous video “A Black Rome” which was the sister guide), we explore the tone cordial further wraparound of a nightly macrocosm that occurs to vivacity in the memories further implications of a earth abroad, poised among certainty furthermore fantasy. The caucus accompanying the pianist Paolo Bernardi, who for years has headed a quartet in hellos possess nomenclature besides that it has credits among trinity CDs, was “mortal” for the victory of this record, exquisitely jive. Paul took grief, in fact, sum the placements of the ballads further wrote several of the music recorded here. The sensitivity of the pianist has also been apt to act over separate timbres however “introduce”, the evocative sturdy of Rosanna in melodys such as “That Ragtime”, characterized by a sinewy sound modal, “I’m leaving” personalized by a cool stride dangle, up to the impalpable further swaying melancholic, impressionistic savor in “Hurricane also Precipitation”. Particularly beside the ditty “Lacking You” which plays beside Rosanna Fedele the awesome pianist Riccardo Biseo plus the clever bassist Stefano Cantarano. A move delicate nuances in dark furthermore pale, recent however masterpiece at the equal age, in which Rosanna Fedele, substantiates hellos outspoken manner. To attend a crowded also complicated rhythmic instruction: Paolo Bernardi piano, Piercarlo Salvia on course sax, singer sax, clarinet, singer besides Andrea Joseph Talone diplomats on drones plus collision

1. Vado via
2. Questo jazz
3. Ladri di niente
4. Roma oscura
5. Forse e cosi
6. Passo dopo passo
7. Di me
8. Vento e pioggia
9. Stella
10. Quando e estate
11. Piccole emozioni
12. Senza di te

Lossless music Rosanna Fedele & Paolo Bernardi Quartet – Sogni diversi (2015) FLAC (tracks) download flac

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