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Shauli Einav Quartet – Beam Me Up (2016)
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Genre: Contemporary Jazz, Post-Bop | Label: Berthold Records | Cat#: BHT4730025

In its current CD Ray Me Up the Shauli Einav Quartet stages an fantastic sturdy, plentiful in innovative harmonious conceptions. These clever, honor victorious minstrels: Shauli Einav – saxophone, Paul Set – piano, Florent Nisse – binary fish plus Gautier Garrigue – kegs retain recorded a fascinating anthology that is multi-layered, melodious, enterprising also swinging.
For incentive Shauli Einav he has dipped against traditional music – in this case ‘Visions Fleeting’ by the Russian writer Sergei Prokofiev. “I like hellos music,” talks Shauli. “The melodies are so discordant, beside ample share of inconsistent rests further chance danks. He assembles them so digestible, accompanying fantastic meter plus amazing chorus. Just if you perceive Peter also the Wolf, the melodies are entirely harsh, however it valids so singable, human he is a genius.”
Asaf Mattijahu, a classically educated writer accompanying hellos admit impromptu theatre classify, has been Shauli’s conclude collaborator on this book based generally on Prokofiev’s succinct, comical, ebullient piano joins.
Shauli defines the clever method as pursues: “In this recent record I played along Prokofiev’s motifs, till I got an supposition for a pristine air. I would randomly chose missives furthermore put them in the fish rope. On these voice memorandums, I would augment the symmetry. The concert appoints feel. The voice epistles do negative fabricate feel. My controvert was to fashion an atonal fish stock beside chorus that processs above it therefore a theme that embellishes it. I discover it a truly remarkable order. Most musicians grab from per further. We dependable to restrain looking at it as a Jive score, unruffled granted you hold the afoot fish, the ropes played by the piano, the sax – the alone besides the throbs – the accent. We faithful to harmonize it differently. Asaf was proximate to me further guiding me. You can listen it in this untried music.”
The route Ten Weeks is about, “…the sum order of waiting for a honey furthermore sophisticated that he is life designed. It’s sympathetic of mysterious plus mysterious plus eerie at the alike span. That was on my thinker. I suitable manipulated it.” As if in verification, Shauli’s junior, instantly a infant, clamours for complaisance in the lineage while the audience for this doohickey.
In 1415 the motifs of the No. 14 plus No. 15 midgets by Prokofiev are made toward a Ragtime undulate fraction. Assai is from Assai moderato, No. 12. Shauli openings accompanying the creative ropes further harmonic pulse furthermore grows them along novel orchestration. “The low,” he elaborates, “is playing very, really chief notices. The piano is in the accompaniment furthermore the euphony is ethical intermediate them. However the initial thing that you discover is the shrill yelling low, playing that motif, across besides over. The danks are really intensive, however they are being padded by the repeated meter of the singer.

1. 1415
2. Tao Main
3. Assai
4. Dolce Gustav
5. Ten Weeks
6. Beam Me Up
7. 76 San Gabriel

Lossless music Shauli Einav Quartet – Beam Me Up (2016) FLAC (tracks) download flac

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