Lossless sound Steve Brockmann and George Andrade – Airs – A Rock Opera (2012) FLAC (image+.cue) music download

Steve Brockmann and George Andrade – Airs – A Rock Opera (2012)
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BROCKMANN/ANDRADE is the collaborative treatise club of multi-influential recording painter besides author Steve BROCKMANN (Bredstedt, Germany) besides freelance composer/editor George ANDRADE (Tumble Rivulet, MA, USA). In 2008, George approached Steve beside the supposition of manuscript an anthology from a subplot to a format that he had planned to compose based loosely on the “discipline” of the Manisses Indians on Cake Isolate, Rhode Atoll for the “haphazard” homicide of the master of a trading pan by a chieftain’s junior moreover the consecutive “postulate by appanage of mastery” further resettlement thereafter. The plan speedily grew from a thought record to a complete blown rock opera plus was named “Breezes – A Rock Opera” – moreover Brockmann/Andrade was innate.
Steve Brockmann has written 74 points of provocative also hysterical music that drives the scale of rock, metal, melancholys, burst, gospel furthermore uniform cinematic arrange in a standard rock opera tone that has been described by quantity as a “miscellany of Eloy furthermore Camel furthermore Savatage” moreover “Toto-esque AOR-flavored strong rock, using liberal writhes besides rotates a la Spock’s Whiskers . as well as numerous a compliment to the elaborate metal forms of Unyielding Damsel”. The rumor by George Andrade is Bradbury-esque further naturalistic presented around poetics that are haggard as if employed from a “gossip palette”, interspersed among saga roads that lay the platform for Brockmann’s oftentimes cinematic succeed.
Steve furthermore George initial “met” on the Spock’s Whiskers meaning plank awhile spine (4+ years corroborate). The bards there would rarely carry music columns back moreover forward to assist for private enjoyment as well as for alms (The Tsunami Projekt, actuality the most famous) moreover George would always be “that dude” on the slim looking in, jumping up besides dejected at the outline of the realm hoping to single age be permitted to connect in! Well, later ample hinting on hellos division that time someday came – the gather selected to rent “the hack dude” grab a projectile at book poems to a ditty. He was thrilled during hellos mandates were well received also it was early thereafter that he received an email from Steve BROCKMANN asking if he would entertain treatise poetics to a chant that he had written deliberate for hellos after aria book (Merges Below Ganymede, TBA).

01. Fateful Days (7:37)
02. Grounded (5:28)
03. Kites (3:18)
04. Flight (6:38)
05. Current Events (5:23)
06. History (1:23)
07. Heritage (4:39)
08. Experiments (3:11)
09. Floating (1:32)
10. Annabelle (5:02)
11. The Center (4:41)
12. Fateful Days II (1:17)
13. Hannah (4:00)
14. The Great Salt Pond (5:53)
15. Grounded II (5:11)
16. Kites II (2:14)
17. Flight II (5:01)
18. Owen (1:40)

Lossless music Steve Brockmann and George Andrade – Airs – A Rock Opera (2012) FLAC (image+.cue) download flac

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