Lossless sound Time Horizon – 2 album discography [so far] (2011-2015) FLAC (image+.cue) music download

Time Horizon – 2 album discography [so far] (2011-2015)
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Genre: Neo Progressive | Label: Angelic Noise/MRR

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Disc 1
1. Life Fantastic (7:38)
2. Living Water Prelude (1:09)
3. Age of Wonders (7:16)
4. Time Horizon (4:11)
5. Forgiveness (7:14)
6. Feel the Change (4:32)
7. Me Chili Caliente (2:49)
8. I Am Not Alone (Til the Dawn) (8:35)
9. Living Water (3:24)
10. Paradise (7:00)

Disc 2
1. Only One (6:56)
2. Only Through Faith (2:10)
3. Only Today (7:00)
4. Prisoner (8:54)
5. The Moment is Here (4:44)
6. About Time (5:09)
7. You’re All I Need (5:38)
8. River of Sorrows (4:24)
9. Water Girl (4:25)
10. Love is Here (7:26)

Lossless music Time Horizon – 2 album discography [so far] (2011-2015) FLAC (image+.cue) download flac

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