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Unloved – Guilty Of Love (2016)
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Genre: Lo-Fi, Alternative, Indie | Label: Unloved Records | Cat#: 5054526859838

There is a romantic image, generated by autobiographies and music documentaries, of a time when legendary musicians would gather, Mick Jagger rubbing shoulders with Bob Dylan. These get-togethers seem to not have had any productive purpose, the main activity being drug taking, but that just adds to the romanticism of the image.

Building on that romantic notion of a music salon, but replacing the drugs with instruments, Keefus Ciancia and Jade Vincent started the Rotary Room at the Virgil, on the border of East Hollywood and Los Feliz, in 2013. It was a place composer-keyboardist Ciancia and songwriter-vocalist Vincent could gather their musician friends, let them play what they wanted, test out new material, perform cover songs and simply let loose for one another.

Around the same time, Ciancia — whose CV is so long it needs its own Dropbox, but includes composer credits on The Fall and True Detective — was brought into the famed Vox Recording Studios to perform keyboard overdubs on the score for Haywire for producer-composer David Holmes. “I fell in love with [Ciancia] before I even worked with him,” says Holmes, a DJ and producer of note since the late ’80s, who first became known in the film world for his work on Ocean’s Eleven. “It’s a connection. The fact that we work so well together in the studio is a bonus.”

Ciancia invited Holmes to DJ at the Rotary Room, where his selections so inspired the night’s hosts that they soon began working together. “I’ve never seen anyone that listens to music as much as that dude,” Ciancia says of Holmes. “I think that’s why he works so much, because he’s heard so much music that he needs more he hasn’t heard. He goes to Paris and buys an album from his ‘dealer’ for $1,000 and it’s sick.

“I realized in the late ‘90s that the best musicians were DJs,” Ciancia adds. “They love music more than musicians. They’re not beaten down. It’s about what sounds good, what goes well with what. That’s what makes new music.”

01. Guilty of Love
02. After Dinner
03. Damned
04. Cry Baby Cry
05. When a Woman Is Around
06. Xpectations
07. This Is the Time
08. The Ground
09. I Could Tell You But I’d Have to Kill
10. We Are Unloved
11. Silvery Moon
12. Forever Unloved

Lossless music Unloved – Guilty Of Love (2016) FLAC (tracks) download flac

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